Cycling villa rentals in Pollensa

Villa rentals for your cycling holidays in Mallorca


Cycling villas in Pollensa



You have decided to go cycling in Mallorca. GREAT NEWS! If you have't done so before you're in for a great surprise! This island could have easily been custom designed for cycling trips, but unlike a Dubai floating pseudo-isles, this one is for real and comes with freak thunderstorms in August and wild goats in the hills. It also comes with lots of choice in accommodation, excellent and sometimes extreme cycle routes, fair weather and delicious cake. In order to save you time and stress toiling through millions of sites, trying to pick the best place to stay, we have compiled a list of what you need to know, and hopefully given a few options to choose from.

Cycling in the North of Mallorca

Now that Mallorca is pretty much established as a top cycling destination, the secret is out and everything you need and want for a cycling trip abroad is available on the island. With so many options comes doubt however, and the need to work out what is actually good and what not. 

On routes, there are many who are more experineced than us and you will find great write ups and route planners on the big Mallorca cycling sites. Let us just say that there are many routes all over the island, but that a few key hubs seem to have become established as the place to make your base. Pollensa (and Puerto Pollensa) is one such place. Mainly because it's on the edge of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains and by the sea, also because as far as holiday rentals go, it is a major player and offres thousands of beautiful country homes to let. Alcudia is another, but seems to attract large groups and primarily offers hotel stays. Soller is also hugely popular, as it's right in the middle of the mountains, but doesn't have the wealth of accommodation. Palma is also up there, but its a whole different ball game. 

The north of Mallorca is also where most of the cycle training camps are based, so it allows you to rent a villa and join a cycling group at the same time.


Villas to let in Pollensa

Cycling villas in Pollensa



If a cycling villa is what you're after, Pollensa is probably your best bet. Or anywhere in the lush and peaceful countryside between Pollensa old town, the vast bay at Puerto Pollensa and the Bay of Alcudia. Large villas can often sleep up to 10 people and have the added advantage of being private, having a pool and bbq cooking facilities outside for evening meals and drinks. A villa is also a fair choice if you are travelling as a couple or family and some members of your group are not cycling. This way everyone gets to enjoy the holiday they were looking for. 

The Pros and Cons of a cycling villa

So, lets look at the pros and cons of each.

A cycling hotel can be a good idea. Cyclists often choose this option, preferring the all-inclusive ease, food on tap, bar, pool, staff. It certainly isn´t a bad idea either. The only hiccup is privacy. You just won't get any. Regardless of the time of year, and most cyclists visit the island on the edges of the summer season, out of season really, you will still be sharing the grounds with families, young children, late nighters. This may not bother you of course.

The B&B or small hotel is another feasible option for a cycling holiday in Pollensa. And there are a few lovely little hotels in the area. Here the question is more about comfort and security. They will most certainly not have a bike lock up and getting in and out can be an issue. They are fine for a romantic escape, but rarely offer the kind of facilities needed on a bike holiday in Mallorca.

Cycling villas tend to be private homes, country houses and townhouses designed or refurbished to cater for the specific needs of cyclists. The cycling villas have smooth access ways to the road, plenty of cleaning facilities and a safe area to carry out repairs and lock your bike away for the night. 

Villas designed for cyclists

Cycling villa rentals in Pollensa



Villas and homes for rent in the Pollensa area are generally refurbished countryhomes with a bit of land and gardens with pools. As outdoor living during the warmer months is practically obligatory, most properties have large wraparound terraces with bbq and cooking facilities, dining areas and seating for the hot midday hours and great for evening dinners as well. A safe bike parking area is often provided, if not, you may prefer to bring your bikes indoors. Cleaning facilities are essential, though don't fret about dryers; 10 minutes outside and your kit will be bone dry again! 

Large villas for cycling groups

There is nothing like a holiday with friends. And when they are friends with a common interest, a passion even, then you know you're in for a great vacation. 

Cycling villa rentals in Pollensa come in all sizes, styles and locations, with the largest villas which can accommodate as many as 10-12 people, making them a great way of enjoying the cycling holiday with your cycling buddies.

Family holidays at a cycling villa in Pollensa

You could almost claim that this is a family villa. Imagine thieir joy! And you would be saying the truth of course: these are wonderful holiday pads, near beaches, with glistening pools and lots of outdoor space. 

This wouldn't work if you were staying at a cycling hotel, but staying at cycling villa in Pollensa allows you to combine your cycling trip with a family holiday. 

That there happen to be world class cycle routes on your very doorstep, or pro-cycle hire, training camps, cycle cafes... and all the rest is secondary of course!

They don't need you around all the time. You can happily go off on long all day rides while the rest of your party take it easy by the pool, go shopping or to the beach. Then at the end of the day you too can enjoy the pleasures of chilling at a beautiful villa and dinning outdoors following a cool dip in the pool.


"Our cycling villa rentals in Pollensa are near the best cycle routes of northern Mallorca"