Family villa in Pollensa

Easy, fun and friendly holidays in a family villa in Pollensa

Family Villa in Pollensa

What we all really want is a family villa in Pollensa with lots of sunshine, but if anyone seriously put that down on the specs, well, they'd have to be loopy and you just cannot go around promising that kind of thing now, can you?

Family villa in Pollensa in summer.

The truth is that there is pretty guaranteed sunshine for the duration of the summer, and July and August are not only sunny but often heat wave scorching hot. Don't go out in the midday heat and switch on the air con kind of hot.

Family villa in Pollensa with pool.

So, a family villa with pool is the next best thing. If you have a pool, then really it has to be hot enough to get in, and if it's hot enough to get in, then there's sunshine.

A family villa with pool is also that very magical combination of a home away from home, tele transported to this lovely warm and sunny place, with a pool of fresh clear water just outside your window.

And then there's the privacy.  

A private pool in your own holiday villa, no shared sun loungers or prying eyes, and the exclusive use of gardens, lawns, barbecue and terraces, just for you and your family.

Family villa in Pollensa with a gated pool.

As a family with young children, pool safety will be high up on your list of requirements. Most pools don't have child guards however, so if the kids are little and can't swim, then it is worth asking before booking just to make sure you get the family villa in Pollensa that matches your needs.

Family villa in Pollensa in town.

Pollensa Old town as it is often referred to, as opposed to Pollensa Port, which is, as you might expect, the port town on the coast, is a charming medieval village which has inevitably spread into town size and then on out across the countryside.

And yet, that village feel has firmly remained. There's the Sunday fruit market, the traditional fiestas, the ladies chatting outside their doors, the old men at the bar early morning discussing the price of almonds. 

Family villa in Pollensa walking distance to town.

Most family villas in Pollensa are located just outside town, in the countryside between the mountains that border it and the sea. 

Whether this means your family villa in Pollensa is walking distance to town however, is debatable. The area is relatively small in size with a labyrinth of roads, lanes and paths, but these are not always safe to walk, as traffic in the holidays is somewhat haphazard and full of lost tourists driving rental cars, often on the other side of the road. A hire car may be the best option, or just use the local taxis, which are great value for money.

Family villa in Pollensa near the sea.

Are you looking for a family villa near the sea? Now, that wouldn't be strictly Pollensa anymore, but more like the Port of Pollensa, Cala San Vicente or even Formentor, the most upmarket coastal area in the north of Mallorca.

Pollensa sits about 6 km inland from the coast, a 10 minute drive or short cycle ride and the vast majority of the family villas in Pollensa are spread between town and the port, so even closer to the sea.

A family villa in Pollensa near the sea does have that special ring to it and there are properties which are both villa and seaside pad, beach apartments and luxury homes on the Pine Walk and rental homes right on the coast.

Family villa in Pollensa with BBQ.

Most if not every family villa in Pollensa on our books has a bbq and often a small kitchen or cooking facilities outdoors. And there are two very clear benefits to a bbq at the villa. One, that you eat outside much more and much more easily, and two, that the men do the cooking

Breakfast on the terrace in the morning sun, lunch by the pool and dinner alfresco under the stars with your family, sometimes with your kids, when they aren't sleeping and sometimes, alone with a chilled drink in hand, in your own family villa in Pollensa.

Family villa in Pollensa for rent.

So, if you are looking for a family villa in Pollensa for rent this summer you may still be in time. And if you are already all organised for this year, how about taking your pick on next year's selection and being, well, very organised indeed!

A family villa in Pollensa for you, your family and kids.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday!