Rent Mallorca Holiday Villas

There are so many good reasons to rent Mallorca holiday villas : Here are just a few...

Rent Mallorca holiday villas

What you get when you rent Mallorca holiday villas.


The answer is : YOU GET IT ALL! 

Renting Mallorca holiday villas is about borrowing a little SLICE OF PARADISE.

You can choose when, where, who with and for how long. You have complete freedom of movement and choice. It doesn't really get better than that. And to top it off, when you rent Mallorca holiday villas you get sunshine all day long a very short flight from home.

So, we have freedom, choice, GREAT WEATHER and cheap regular flights, under 3 hours long, from most major European cities, directly to the island.

We also have that abstract and yet highly valuable notion: SAFETY. When you rent Mallorca holiday villas you will be in a secure, low crime environment. 

And when you rent Mallorca holiday villas you get beautifully designed, built and furnished properties set in the town, by the beach and in the countryside, with outdoor living areas, private swimming pools and gardens, easy parking and comfortable interiors, so not only do you get ultimate comfort and a home from home, but when you rent Mallorca holiday villas you also get luxury accommodation.

Where should I rent Mallorca holiday villas?


This will depend a little on what you want from your Mallorca holiday villas and what kind of holidays you are after; family holidays with a baby, toddlers, young children or teenagers, a romantic escape for two, a holiday with a group of friends, a sporty and active holiday, a gourmet holiday or a beach holiday. You may also be celebrating an important date, a birthday or anniversary or be looking to rent Mallorca holiday villas for a large extended family or friends.

Rent Mallorca Holiday Villas for Young Families.


If you are a family with young children looking for a relaxing stay near the beach, then you may be interested in renting Mallorca holiday villas in CALA SAN VICENTE, which is a tiny holiday resort on the north coast of Mallorca, with 3 small coves, a few shops, restaurants and cafes, and no nightlife to speak of, aside from a few days of local festivities towards the end of August.

The sea can be rough at times here, but on the whole it is a calm and wildly beautiful part of the Mallorca coastline with a small community of local and foreign residents, all just 6 kilometres from Pollensa Old Town and the Port of Pollensa. If you rent Mallorca holiday villas in Cala San Vicente you will most likely find an apartment or beach house, walking distance to the sea. However, there are also luxury homes for rent in the countryside nearby.

Rent Mallorca Holiday Villas for Families with Children.


The whole Pollensa area is suitable for family holidays and the Mallorca holiday villas are mainly well adapted to children.

If you rent Mallorca holiday villas in Puerto Pollensa, along the PINE WALK,  you have the tiny shallow beaches dotted with pine trees and cafes along the front. The road is set back behind the houses so you only have a small paved path between you and the sea and kids can enjoy a huge amount of freedom while remaining within view of your balcony or terrace. 

Or you could rent Mallorca holiday homes in one of the secluded residential areas in Puerto Pollensa. Here you will be getting safety and peace of mind for the little ones and peace for you, gated grounds with shared swimming pools and vast expanses of well-kept gardens and a community of holiday makers and local residents. This can be fun for the kids.

Then again, you can rent Mallorca holiday villas in Pollensa Old Town, not so near the beach, but near the main square, restaurants, cafes and shops and experience life in a Spanish village. Parking can be tricky in the peak season but on the up side you won't need to drive in the evenings as you can dine in or out on the plaza while the children play.

Can I rent Mallorca holiday villas out of season?


Yes, you certainly can rent Mallorca holiday villas out of season and all year round. Mallorca is actually rather lovely out of season. For a start it is much emptier, and though in the mid-winter you may find a lot of the shops and restaurants are closed, in the low season, in spring and autumn the island is a delight, services are still running, the sun is usually shining and best of all, prices are at an all-time low in practically everything from flights, to rental cars and of course, for Mallorca holiday villas for rent.

When is it best to rent Mallorca holiday villas?


If you can, it is best to rent Mallorca holiday villas outside of the school holidays; you will have a greater degree of availability and more choice overall. If this is not a possibility then try to rent Mallorca holiday villas at the beginning or right at the end of the holidays and avoid the peak mid-summer as much as you can. This is especially good advice to families travelling with very young children as the temperatures soar at the end of July and it can be uncomfortable if not dangerous for very young children. 

So, now you know everything you need to know about how, when and why to rent Mallorca holiday villas... I hope you will enjoy your holidays in Mallorca as much as I do and tell us about what you liked most!