Tips for safe holiday villa rentals in Pollensa

5 things you should know BEFORE you rent a holiday villa

Tips and advice on renting a villa in Pollensa



Mallorca 's rental market has come a long way in the last decade, and the worries that were prevalent back then no longer really apply. You are not going to get ripped off anymore because rental companies and properties are much more transparent nowadays, and social media, sites like trip advisor and online forums create enough dialogue to cover all eventualities. 

You still need to be careful however, if only, to make sure you get what you are looking for and pay the right price.

In Pollensa there are always new rental agencies popping up and not every agency is what it says it is. Often it is safer to go with the oldies, companies who have been in the game for years and are known in town. 

One way or another though, there are a few things to look out for. We have narrowed it down to 5 main tips that we think are foolproof ways of ensuring you are dealing with an honest team and can be sure to get the holiday you are asking and paying for.

1. Use a reputable company

Tips and advice on renting a villa in Pollensa



Look for an online presence and read company reviews


When you rent a holiday rental property in Pollensa is important to ensure that you are booking through a reputable company. This can be a worry. But luckily nowadays there are wayds to check up on companies and most information is online and available to the public. Especially through sites like TripAdvisor and Social Media outlets like facebook. You can ask formers clients for their opinion, read reviews, post questions. It isn't airtight but it will go a long way towards ensuring you aren't scammed.

Always check the details of the villa rental company and call them to formalize your booking by phone.

2. Rental deposit

Tips on how to rent a villa in Pollensa



Check before you pay the deposit when you rent a villa in Pollensa


Beware of advertisements where the rental price is unrealistically low. The tactics of these scammers is to advertise very cheap accommodation and once they have caught your attention, demand early deposits on the rental property. Be very careful before you pay the rental deposit, fraud is common. Never pay a deposit without having all the information on the lessee or rental company, the rental contract and the conditions beforehand. If you rent a villa directly from an owner, always check the villa really exists.

3. Payment Information

5 Things to know before you rent a villa in Pollensa



Request to know all the additional costs, tax etc, before you pay for your villa in Pollensa.


Before you agree to rent a villa in Pollensa and pay a downpayment to reserve the property, ensure you have all the information about the rental home, including photos and detailed descriptions. If the rental company or private owners does not supply you with the necessary additional information on the property, it's important you request it. Determining factors may be, for example, whether there are neighbours close the house or if there is a 24 hour phone service available in case of emergency.

4. Services Included

Tips on how to rent a villa in Pollensa



Find out exactly what is and what is not included in the rental price when you rent a villa in Pollensa


Before you rent private villas in Pollensa you must be informed of the services included in the price. Services like house cleaning, laundry changes, pool and garden maintenance, may be included in the price or charged as an extra service. The contract should specify what services are included. This is why, you should read the contract before you decide to pay the deposit.

5. Local office

5 Tips on how to rent a villa in Pollensa



Use a rental company with a drop in office at your holiday destination.


It's important that when you rent a property in Pollensa, the rental company has an office at your destination in order to assist you and help when needed. Most rental companies will have an office in all the main resorts and holiday destinations they work with.