Vacation rentals with children in Pollensa

Vacation rentals with children in Pollensa

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What to do, where to book and when to let a family vacation rental in Pollensa

Happy children make happy parents and happy vacations in Mallorca

We all know this, but holiday letting and vacation rental agents often skim over these all-important guests!

Frankly we would be crazy to ignore the kids, we also don't want to. Children not only enjoy the vacations more fully, but they are the ones to use the swimming pool, run and play in the garden, and take full advantage of the villa. 

So how do we make sure the rental home we choose is the very best choice for the kids?

Villas rentals for families with children in Pollensa

Given that the vast majority of our villas are booked by families with children, we see kids as one of our main clients. They rarely get to choose the villa and obviously don't contribute towards booking or paying for it, but they are very much a part of how it is enjoyed, and what you need in a villa for it to be suitable as a family holiday rental.

Pollensa is rapidly becoming known as a family holiday destination and letting a vacation rental is often considered the best option for this because a villa or townhouse gives you the privacy, safety and freedom needed to keep an eye on the kids while being able to enjoy some space for you as well.

What to look for in a family vacation rental in Pollensa ?

Some elements may be rather obvious, but others could easily slip your mind, especially if you are not fully acquainted with the area.

The type of road your villa is on, for instance, or if it's a townhouse, the part of town play a role. You don't want traffic roaring past the entrance for instance.

The time of year you book can also be relevant, particularly if there are local festivities going on, which there invariably are, and how this can contribute to or upset your vacation.

The weather is key, but not always the way we think at first. While most families are constrained by school holidays, the extreme heat of the peak summer in Pollensa isn't always the best for the children, especially the very young or very fair.

Location is clearly key, and will affect things like whether you can walk or have to drive, what amenities are available in the area, and dense tree cover can affect internet connection for example.

Other rental properties in the area are also a factor; are you looking for peace and tranquillity or not bothered if you have too many neighbours nearby?

What is the outside area of the villa like?

Security issues: Is it safely gated around the perimeter? Can the kids be left to play freely or will you have to keep a constant beady eye on them? How much open view do you have from the porch or terrace, can you see the pool from there?

These are the kinds of questions you may let slip, because there are so many other things to think about; price, availability, flights, dates, weather, etc., but its the small details that will ensure you get the vacation rental in Pollensa which is most suitable for the children and make the difference between a great holiday and a stressful disaster. 

Things to do with kids on vacation in Pollensa this autumn

What you can and cannot do with kids depends largely on the weather and in October it can be anything between scorching and downpour, so if you're planning a trip with children on the island in autumn take a look at our suggestions below:


Things to do in Pollensa with toddlers

Toddlers are probably happiest at the villa, in the garden, on the terrace, and with you in the pool.

But if you need to venture out, the main square (Plaza Mayor) in Pollensa is an excellent starting point. Pedestrianized and circled by cafes and restaurants, this is a place the little ones can run and play within eye shot and perfectly safe. 

There is also a ball-park on the edge of town, called Pa Nord. Their website is quite simple and doesn't show any photos of the play area sadly, but it is a cafe with a large terrace and a small netted area with mattresses where your toddler can play and interact with others. 


Things to do in Pollensa with children

Young children will also enjoy the square in Pollensa or Port de Pollensa, should your vacation rental be nearer the port, and can either rent one of the miniature remote controlled cars available down a side street, or take their own wheels (scooter, bike, rollerblades, etc.).

Every village and town has a sports centre and the ones in Pollensa and the Port of Pollensa have a playground next to the cafe, which is ideal your kids. In fact, toddlers can enjoy this too!

Another fun thing to do with kids in Pollensa is to take them out kayaking! You can hire a two seater Kayak on the Bay of Pollensa and while you will be doing most of the rowing, your kids get to enjoy the ride, and if it's sunny, jump in the sea. It's an easy activity, gives you a workout and your child gets to spend time with you doing something exciting and a little bit different. For a 2 seater you are looking at around 20 euros for an hour's rental and about 50 euros for a whole day.

For more ideas see : Stuff to do with kids in Port de Pollensa


Things to do in Pollensa with teens

The Kayak idea works well for teens too, but you may like to head out from Cala Molins beach in Cala San Vicente for a more exciting ride. The area has underwater caves and the waters can be wilder on this part of the north coast. See Mon D'Aventura for hire and excursions.

Teen activities can be trickier to organise (given the "no" factor) but are equally enticing should your young teenager deign to take part: Holiday activities for teens in the north of Mallorca are geared around the summer holidays, but most of these are still relevant in October.