Villa in Cala San Vicente

Do you want to rent a villa in Cala San Vicente, in one of the most beautiful parts of Mallorca?

Cala San Vicente is my favourite place in the world, by a long shot. It is the place I go to reconnect with beauty. 

Vila in Cala San Vicente

A villa in Cala San Vicente - Beautiful homes in the North of Mallorca. 

A holiday villa in Cala San Vicente can be anything from a newly built, uber modern flat 10 metres from the beach to a rambling country estate in the pine forests that surround the resort. There are chalets and bungalows in the town, private homes hanging on the edges of the cliff and villas with pools in the rolling hills outside town.

So where would your villa in Cala San Vicente be exactly?

Cala San Vicente (Cala Sant Vicenç) in Mallorquin is the smallest resort town in the north east of Mallorca, far up on the rocky northern ridge, nestled into the mountains and lapped by the sea. It is approximately half way between Pollensa Old Town and Puerto Pollensa on the coast, some 6 km drive from both and just under an hour's drive to Palma and the airport.

It is exquisite; large sandy coves, divided by a couple of rocky outcrops into 4 smaller beaches, each with its own particular character and attractions, and pine forests surrounding the beaches.

It is still a small village with whitewashed villas and homes, but some of the houses are now available to let as holiday villas in Cala San Vicente.

Villa in Cala San Vicente - A Tiny Seaside Resort.

Cala San Vicente was once merely a base camp for Pollensa's fishermen, a place to store their nets and keep their boats, but as they slowly began to settle, they brought their families too and the area grew. 

Holidaymakers began to come to Cala San Vicente at the beginning of last century, artists especially, drawn by its magical light and the unusual beauty of its landscape.

The resort of Cala San Vicente is now much larger of course, but though it does have a smattering of local year round residents it is still very much seasonal and only has a few shops and a bank.  

Villa in Cala San Vicente - The beaches.

There are 4 beaches at Cala San Vicente: Cala Barques, Cala Clara, Cala Molins and Cala Carbó.

Villa in Cala San Vicente

Cala Barques, not to be confused with several other beaches in Mallorca and on other Balearic Islands going by the same name, is a wide expanse of sand surrounded by rocky cliffs. There are several hotels cafes here overlooking the beach, which are convenient but maybe not quite as aesthetically pleasing, a few restaurants, a daytime lifeguard on duty and straw parasols and sunbeds (20 euros for 2 sunbeds and a parasol for the whole day). The beach is sandy but sea is pebbled and rocky underfoot.

I must admit I rented the combo only yesterday and was grateful for the shade. At a sweltering 36ºC, holidays in a villa in Cala San Vicente are enjoyed on a sunbed on the beach.

Cala Clara is the next beach along, hidden between Don Pedro hotel and the next outcrop of rock and accessed down a winding stone staircase to a tiny patch of sand and several stone platforms. Albeit the tricky access, this is the perfect beach for toddlers and young children; they can't run away and they are easy to keep an eye on. 

Cala Molins is named after the hotel with the same name, which has been there since the 1950s and overlooks the beach. This is the only fully sandy beach out of the four, in and out of the water and flanked by the majestic Cavall Bernat Mountain. There is a small shaded beach cafe, open until 7 pm or so, serving drinks, snacks and a buffet lunch every day. 

Cala Carbó is the last beach, tucked into the side of the mountain, a favourite with the local hippy teens. You can either walk round the promontory or swim. The road is in disrepair and you can no longer drive, and it's a tricky descent, only for the fit and more adventurous.

Villa in Cala San Vicente - Eating Out.

Cala San Vicente does have a good selection of cafes and restaurants to choose from and to suit all budgets and tastes.

I will talk about the ones I particularly like. Do explore and sample, as there are many options and these things come down to a combination of friendly staff, setting, price and quality, the mix of which can vary from year to year and comes down to personal tastes.

Villa in Cala San Vicente

Cal Patro is an old favourite. Expensive but excellent too. Once the only restaurant in Cala San Vicente, this is still today the go-to for quality seafood dishes, paella and lobster. You will find it on the steps leading down to the first beach of Cala Barques, a small fishermen's shack of a restaurant with its signature red gingham check tablecloths and emblematic sea views.

Bar Poli is another local favourite, serving pizzas and a varied selection of dishes. It is an affordable and laid back family run restaurant near the bus stop in the centre of Cala San Vicente. They close on Sundays. 

Bar Mallorca is the cafe at Cala Molins, a pit stop for cyclists in spring and autumn and simply the place to go for morning coffee, lunch or evening drinks. Also family run, it is friendly and low key and serves great pambolis, the local Mallorca bread, oil and tomato sandwiches accompanied by hams, cheeses and olives. 

Villa in Cala San Vicente - Family Holidays.

All in all, a villa in Cala San Vicente is an ideal location for a family holiday. The resort is safe, friendly and relaxed. Children can roam freely between beaches. There are no night clubs here or bars of any note. The cafes stay open late so you can have a night cap, but it's all pretty basic.

There is also little traffic. It gets busy, especially at weekends, but cars are parked and people walk. 

Renting a holiday villa in Cala San Vicente

People rent a villa in Cala San Vicente to relax somewhere lovely. It is silent and laid back.

Staying at a villa in Cala San Vicente does give you the chance to fully enjoy the summer holidays in style.

Set in majestic surroundings, just metres from the sand, you needn’t even pack your shoes. Spend your days in a bikini, sun yourself by the pool, siesta after lunch and dinner cooked on the outdoor barbeque, eaten under the stars.

The villas are reformed summer houses, perfect for the hot season but not really adequate for the colder months.

Cool tiled interiors with shuttered windows and large covered terraces and private pools provide the ideal accommodation for ultimate relaxation.

Villa in Cala San Vicente - In Spring and Autumn.

The Mallorcan summer is quite long and does seem to stretch on for months. By March and April the weather is positively warm and some years hot enough to swim in, though water temperature, following the winter is still low. And then after the summer, it does stay hot way into mid-November.

So renting a villa in Cala San Vicente needn't be confined to the official summer months of July and August.

Out of season a villa in Cala San Vicente can rent for as much as half the price and as an added bonus, you get the beach to yourself.

Villa in Cala San Vicente - Activities.

As far as things to do on holiday at a Villa in Cala San Vicente, there are wonderful walking routes, there is kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving. Sail boats can be chartered from nearby Puerto Pollensa and the adventure organisers Mondaventura are based on Cala Molins every morning and run all kinds of climbing, hiking and kayaking tours. 

For more on activities to do on holiday at a villa in Cala San Vicente, stay tuned to our blog. Thanks for reading!