4 things to do in Pollensa

In the heart of northern Mallorca, Pollensa presents itself as a jewel that combines history, culture and breathtaking natural beauty. This charming village offers visitors a unique experience, with its cobbled streets, historic buildings and authentic atmosphere. From the emblematic Calvari to the bustling Plaza Mayor, Pollensa invites you to discover its charming corners.

When it comes to activities, Pollensa is no slouch. From exploring the breathtaking scenery of the Formentor Peninsula to immersing yourself in history at the Roman Bridge, every corner offers a new adventure. Nature lovers can enjoy hikes in the Tramuntana Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, while culture buffs can lose themselves among the local boutiques and art galleries.

But after a day of exploration and discovery in Pollensa, a retreat to complement the experience is essential. At Nord Villas Pollensa, we understand the importance of finding the perfect accommodation for an unforgettable holiday. Our villas and fincas not only offer luxurious comforts, but are also tailored to your needs and preferences.

Whether you are looking for the intimacy of a traditional Mallorcan finca or the modernity of a contemporary villa, at Nord Villas Pollensa you will find the ideal choice. Discover authentic Mallorcan hospitality while enjoying accommodation that becomes an integral part of your Pollensa experience. We invite you to explore the 4 things to do in Pollensa and immerse yourself in an unforgettable holiday in this magical corner of Mallorca.

Port of Pollensa

In Puerto de Pollensa, the beach paradise unfolds with the magnificent beach of the port, a long and beautiful stretch of sand that invites to relaxing days by the sea. This beach, equipped with umbrellas, chairs and sports facilities, offers the perfect setting for refreshing dips and moments of pure tranquillity. From enjoying the sun on a sun lounger to diving into the crystal clear waters, every moment here is a unique experience.

In addition to the well-known Playa de Puerto Pollensa, the resort is home to other nearby beaches that are well worth exploring. Among them, the stunning Playa de Formentor, located just 20 minutes away by car, stands out. This paradisiacal spot will be explored in detail in the following section, revealing its charms and making it an unmissable destination during your stay in Pollensa. Immerse yourself in the serenity of these beaches, where natural beauty merges with comfort, and discover a memorable chapter in your getaway to Mallorca.

Cala San Vicente, a coastal treasure in the Pollensa region, adds its charm to the list of spectacular beach destinations in Mallorca. This picturesque cove, just a few minutes from Puerto Pollensa, offers a quieter and more peaceful atmosphere, ideal for those seeking a more secluded spot.

Its crystal clear waters and soft sand create the perfect setting for relaxing days in the sun. Cala San Vicente has several small beaches, such as Cala Barques and Cala Molins, each with its own unique charm. The shallow waters are ideal for swimming and exploring the marine life by snorkelling.

Alcudia Old Town

The old town of Alcudia, a historical jewel surrounded by walls, immerses you in a journey back in time through its cobbled streets and Roman ruins. Strolling through this walled city is a unique experience. The possibility to walk along the top of the walls provides breathtaking views of the city and the landscapes, offering a fascinating panoramic perspective.

Boat trip around the Port of Pollensa

Exciting boat trips from Puerto de Pollensa offer a unique experience to explore the coast of Mallorca. You can sail past magnificent cliffs, discover hidden coves and enjoy excursions. Don’t miss a visit to the charming village of Cala Figuera.

Day trip to Formentor

Exploring Formentor beach from Puerto Pollensa is an experience not to be missed. The day trip gives you the opportunity to stop at the Mirador d’es Colomer and enjoy spectacular views of the Cap de Formentor and the ocean. Surrounded by pine trees, this picturesque beach offers shade over shallow waters and a narrow beach, ideal for escaping the scorching sun, but if you prefer, opt to arrive by boat from the resort, a good choice in high season.

Nord Villas Pollensa

In Pollensa, the diversity of activities is endless, offering something for everyone. After a day full of exploring, there is no better plan than staying in our fincas and villas at Nord Villas Pollensa. Get ready to organise your trip to Mallorca and live an unforgettable experience!

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