The island of Majorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, never ceases to surprise and attract many tourists from all over the world. In its northernmost part, the northernmost part of the region, is Alcudia, an area of unparalleled natural beauty and with a large influx of visitors all year round.

Its geographical position is privileged, being on a fairly small peninsula situated between the bays of Alcudia and Pollensa. The mountain of La Atalaya is the highest point with an altitude of 445 metres. All this makes Alcudia a true paradise, unforgettable for those who visit it.

Alcudia in Palma de Mallorca

Strategically located in the northeast of the Mallorcan island, Alcudia (spelled Alcúdia in Mallorcan), was the capital of Mallorca. This coastal town has a great Roman heritage, stamped on its streets and buildings full of history and culture.

When you stroll through the narrow streets of Alcudia, you can feel the traces of all the inhabitants who left their mark on the city over the course of time: Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans, as well as Arabs and Byzantines, an interesting cultural mix that greatly enriches this region.

Sightseeing in Alcudia means enjoying the ancient, the modern, the natural and the cultural. The city, the forest or the beach, all are dream places that will generate memories to last a lifetime. This is why this cultural and natural heritage is highly sought after in Europe and throughout the world as a preferred tourist destination.

Alcudia: What to do?

Alcudia has something for everyone and everything. It is a privileged region, so you will find many activities for fun and relaxation. The proposals, which are very varied, have been designed so that the inhabitants of Alcudia and the many visitors have time to disconnect and enjoy themselves.

Family activities

If you are travelling to Alcudia with the whole family, you will have to choose activities suitable for young and old alike. The latter demand continuous fun, so we recommend some things you can do that will definitely delight the little ones.

Dolphin watching

One of the most popular water activities for children is dolphin watching. Many tours of this type have, in their planning, areas where you can even swim with these beautiful and valued animals.

Adventure tours

Travel in a safari-style jeep, paddle a small kayak and explore sea caves, go snorkelling and jump off a cliff. You can do all these things by hiring one of the many adventure tour companies in Alcudia.

Marine exploration

In one of the bays or harbours you can board a glass-bottomed boat with the whole family. You will have the opportunity to see the many marine species and the beautiful coral reefs on the seabed off the coasts of Mallorca.

Water sports

Some water sports are particularly good and exciting for children. Jet skis for beginners, shallow water, give youngsters the opportunity to enjoy a fun and adrenaline-filled experience.

Dinosaurs and caves

The largest dinosaur park in Mallorca is located in Alcudia. Book a guided tour and walk among dinosaurs while you listen to their stories. Also, visit the Hams Caves, real underground museums, full of stalactites and lots of colours.

Activities for two

A weekend or a whole week in Alcudia, to enjoy a honeymoon, an anniversary or simply a romantic getaway, is ideal and highly recommended. This dream island offers you multiple options so that every evening is unique and incomparable.

Beach and lighthouse cruise

Join other people, in very small groups, board a motorboat and enjoy a cruise to dreamy spots in the Mediterranean. Dive or snorkel, visit caves whose entrances are underwater and sunbathe on hidden beaches that will undoubtedly enhance the romance.

Sea, wine and tapas

Enjoy a beautiful sailing trip, enjoy a good wine and tapas and explore the best coastline of Mallorca. You can also swim in many of the island’s idyllic bays.

Water trip and dinner for two

The crystal clear Mallorcan sea can be conquered on a luxury yacht, while you and your partner enjoy a delicious seafood dinner and a fine wine. Go paddleboarding or snorkelling, or simply relax and enjoy the best company.

Sunset in Formentor

For magnificent sunsets, take a bus and join one of the most romantic experiences on the Mallorcan coast. Visit Formentor, where you will be able to appreciate the marvellous play of colours and lights as the sun sets behind the mountains and the sea.

Music, colour and partying

In Alcudia, there are many night spots for you to share moments of partying and fun. Have a good cocktail, dance and disconnect on your holidays. You can go to a bar if you prefer something more relaxed or if you are looking for something less quiet, like a good nightclub.

Dream Villas in Alcudia

In the town of Pollensa, near Alcudia, there are many accommodation resorts that you can use to rest after a hard day of activities and recreation. At Nord Villas Pollensa we have a wide variety of accommodation and villas to rent during your holidays in Alcudia.

The accommodation facilities range from large family groups to simply couples, in comfortable villas of different sizes, fully equipped and in dream locations, very close to the beach or, if you prefer, with swimming pool and other excellent complements.

Come and enjoy the warm climate and majestic scenery of Alcudia and stay carefree: everything is in one place and relaxation is assured with the villas of Nord Villas Pollensa.

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