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I want to rent a holiday villa in Pollensa (Mallorca)

Holiday villas in Pollensa. Your perfect holidays in Mallorca !


So, you want to rent a villa? And you know that you would like to stay in Pollensa. Maybe you have heard about Pollensa, or perhaps you have been here before. Either way it is an excellent choice. The villa rentals market has grown enormously in Pollensa in the last decade and along with it, the standards demanded by the rental clients. We have learnt from our customers, and know what they are looking for. As such, the holiday villas for rent in Pollensa (Mallorca) offer accommodation of the highest quality.

Pollensa (Mallorca) is a quiet little town in the north of the island. You have to take a detour off the Palma to Alcudia road to even find it. It has retained its old world charm and island peculiarities against all odds, and though nowadays visitors flock to its central square in the summer months, the cosmopolitan and slightly bohemian character lives on.

How do I choose the right villa in the right area of Mallorca?

You have chosen to go for holiday villas in Pollensa (Mallorca); you know it is the loveliest area on the island. You know too that it caters for all kinds of people and types of holiday, but the offer is vast and confusing. It is true that we are talking about a small town on a small island but given how many holiday villas in Pollensa (Mallorca) there are to choose from and how scattered about they are, it can be a daunting choice.

The old town of Pollensa is a warren of cobbled streets set in a bowl in the valley with hills on every side. Some of the most exclusive holiday villas in Pollensa (Mallorca) are set up on the slopes of these hills. The Calvary steps climb the central mound of the town up to the chapel on the top and on either side of the steps you will find fine holiday villas for rent with commanding views over the town and surrounding countryside. Beyond the Calvario and over the Lluc road there is La Huerta de la Font, Pollensa´s natural fruit garden, and now an exclusive residential area spotted with holiday villas. And then there is all the land between the old town of Pollensa and the Port, a medley of holiday villas, large and small, to suit all tastes and budgets and all of them a short drive from town and beaches.

What is the best time of year to rent my holiday villa in Pollensa (Mallorca)?

Holiday Villas in Pollensa (Mallorca)

Mallorca is a seasonal island and the holiday villas market in Pollensa (Mallorca) reflects this. In fact when you look at the rental prices you will soon realize that the lower rates advertised at first only apply to out of season holiday villas, for rent in the colder months of the year. The summer prices are usually a lot higher. 

The summer season is really hot. This may be a good thing, in fact it may be exactly what you are looking for, but it is not for everyone. The summer may be hot and the evenings balmy, but Pollensa is also at its busiest and most crowded, prices are higher not only for the holiday villas but for everything else too, eating out, shopping, activities like water sports or chartering a sail boat, for example. 

Visiting Pollensa in the milder months on either side of the summer, in the spring and autumn, can be a pleasant alternative. Holiday villas in Pollensa (Mallorca) are usually equipped with hot and cold air, large sunny terraces and even a heated swimming pool, and the climate is so temperate that out of season holidays are just as enjoyable as and much more relaxing sometimes than the summer ones.