A late winter break on the island of Mallorca

A winter break in Mallorca


Mallorca in winter - Discover the Mediterranean out of season!

It´s a well-known secret, Mallorca in winter tops any other time of year for magical natural beauty, tranquility and some pretty interesting and quirky local festivities.

Catch that warm winter sun on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca

The obvious benefit to spending your winter break in Mallorca is the weather of course, 300 days of sunshine a year leave few spare for cold and rain, and a random November day in Mallorca will be sunny and warm with clear blue skies.

Occasional showers can be expected but they rarely last long and after the non-stop rain of an English winter, the weather on a winter break in Mallorca is a pure delight. 

Average winter daytime temperatures of about 15º Celsius rapidly climbing up to 21º C when the sun comes out and the hardier holidaymakers can be seen sunbathing and braving a cool dip in the sea in the middle of winter.

A late winter break in Mallorca - Not a beach holiday!

A winter break in Mallorca is not a beach holiday however - The beaches are empty and wonderful to walk along but the sea is cold.

The mountains, the charming north coast and the vibrant cosmopolitan capital city, Palma, are a far more attractive destination. In fact, it is mainly thanks to the Tramuntana Mountains that the winters are so mild in Mallorca.

The range, which stretches along the entire western coast, protects the island from the harsh northern winds and if you like the great outdoors, fresh air and breathtaking scenery, this a unique winter break in Mallorca.

The stunning north coast of Mallorca is the perfect place to spend a winter break in Mallorca.

Sip a morning coffee in the sun in the plazas and central squares of the small Mallorcan villages of Pollensa, Puerto Pollensa and Alcudia old town, visit cultural sites and savour local cuisine, in the mild weather and friendly, laid back atmosphere of the winter break in Mallorca.


A winter break in Mallorca

Winter city break in the fabulous city of Palma de Mallorca 

Palma de Mallorca, as the island´s capital is known, is well worth a city winter break in Mallorca.

Bustling with life throughout the year, Palma de Mallorca boasts wonderful architecture, tree lined shopping boulevards, lively pavement cafes and some excellent restaurants, in fact Palma de Mallorca is a highly desirable winter break destination in itself.

Coupled with a stay in the northern coastal villages in the foothills of the Tramuntana, you get to experience the two best things about the island; the charming rural idyll and the sophisticated urban chic.


Late winter cycling and hiking breaks in Mallorca

When it is cold and grey at home, and the days are short, in Mallorca you will be getting at least 5 hours of sunshine in mid-winter, so it is hardly surprising Mallorca has become a mecca for cyclists

In winter the islands roads clear of the tourist buses and rental cars that congest them in the summer season and become the perfect training ground for the top seasonal sporting events.

700 km of roads, 550 km of coastline and ascents up to 1000 m in the craggy mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana.

And if you are looking for a more leisurely ride, then head for the interior where the central Es Pla stretches for miles of flat roads, scattered with tiny villages, windmills and beautiful vineyards.


A winter break in Mallorca

Winter gastronomy breaks in Mallorca - Culinary excellence and fine wines

Literally swamped with eateries, cafes and bars, tapas bars and cellers, beach cafes, bistros and Michelin starred restaurants, Mallorca loves food. 

Traditional cuisine is based around pork, fish and fresh vegetables as well as some delicious soupy rice dishes, lots of olive oil, garlic and peppers.

It is healthy Mediterranean eating at its most authentic, best served outdoors with lots of fine local wine on a great winter break in Mallorca.

For some gastronomic local culture on your winter break in Mallorca, in the autumn and winter months there is an array of local festivities and food and wine fairs  worth visiting, dedicated to the local produce, olive, almond, mushroom, pumpkin, honey and sobrasada, a local specialty of spicy sausage. 

Gastronomy, culture, history, wonderful scenery and mountain walks, warm winter sun and lunches spent outdoors, this is the best place to spend your winter break, Mallorca out of season.


A winter break in Mallorca


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