Excursions in Alcudia


Today’s blog is dedicated to our most adventurous travellers. We would like to invite you to join us on a unique journey where you can enjoy nature and history together. At Nord Villas Pollensa we are ready to guide you through the best excursions in Alcudia and its surroundings. We will share unique tips that only true adventurers know.

The possibilities in Mallorca are endless, but in Alcudia they are even more so, so at Nord Villas Pollensa we invite you to get lost on the wonderful island of Mallorca. Are you ready for the adventure?

Best excursions in Alcudia

Alcudia is the ideal place for excursions in Mallorca thanks to the richness of its landscapes. Located in the north of Mallorca where the sea and its crystal clear waters combine perfectly with the background of the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in June 2011 and with the charm of the Parc Natural de l’Albufera.

So let us take you on three different excursions around Alcudia that will transport you to a completely different world to discover all the secrets of the northern part of Mallorca and allow you to immerse yourself in its charm.

From Alcudia to Ermita de la Victoria

The excursion to the Ermita de la Victoria is a favourite among travellers. It is a sanctuary located on the top of the hill of La Victoria that offers impressive panoramic views of the bay of Alcudia and its surroundings.

As you go further along the road, the scenery becomes more and more impressive, the beaches and mountain landscapes create a sense of tranquility, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and the surroundings.

Once you arrive at the Hermitage, it is impossible not to be delighted by the beauty and peace that this sacred place transmits. The walk to this sanctuary is simple but if you decide to undertake the route during the hottest months of the year, we recommend that you make good use of sunscreen, drink lots of water and wear comfortable shoes.

Could you think of a better way to combine nature and spirituality? Let’s get to know the charm of this magical place together!

From Alcudia to Alcanada 

Alcanada also known in Mallorca as “Aucanada” is a beautiful coastal area situated in the north of the bay of Alcudia.

Aucanada is one of the most precious jewels of Alcudia. Our suggestion from Nord Villas Pollensa is to start the day by walking through the cobbled streets of Alcudia before turning your attention directly to the coast. The streets of the town are spectacular and that’s why we don’t want you to miss them, we can assure you that they are worth it!

The impressive cliffs and the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea can be seen along the way as you approach the beach. Once on the Aucanada beach, the golden sand and crystal clear water invite you to enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Once there, you can’t miss a visit to the Aucanada Lighthouse because the views from there will not leave you indifferent, that’s for sure.

This excursion is the perfect getaway to enjoy the sea and connect with nature in a spectacular setting.

From Alcudia to the Talaia d’Alcúdia 

Last but not least! We bring you one last excursion to the Talaia d’Alcudia.

La Talaia d’Alcudia is the highest point in the Alcudia area, surrounded by exuberant trees such as olive and almond trees that will allow you to get close to the local flora. From the top you can enjoy 360 degree panoramic views of Alcudia and its bay.

For this excursion you shouldn’t forget to take a good camera that will allow you to capture the most incredible moments of the route. 

Ready to connect with nature on this beautiful hike?

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