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Hello to all nature and hiking lovers! This blog is for you. 

At Nord Villas Pollensa we know that Mallorca is a paradise full of exciting opportunities for hiking lovers as it has many walking routes that allow you to enjoy different outdoor activities and excursions, where you can enjoy spectacular views and experience the magic of the island with every step you take.

But that’s not all… Mallorca has much more to offer than just a simple hike. The hiking routes in Mallorca are special. From paths by the sea to trails through breathtaking mountainous terrain. There is something special for everyone. On this island, you won’t be short of anything. 

In today’s blog, we’re going to take you through the most beautiful trails in the Pollensa area that you’re sure to love. And don’t worry, after a thrilling climb, our amazing villas will be waiting to give you the rest you deserve!

Hiking in Pollensa

At Nord Villas Pollensa we want to offer you more than just a place to stay, we want to give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the nature of Mallorca. And, of course, one of the most exciting ways to do this is through hiking routes. 

Hiking in Pollensa is much more than just walking through different terrains; it is an adventure that allows you to discover the beauty of the island from a unique perspective. With a variety of routes to suit all levels of ability, from beginners to experienced hikers, hiking in Pollensa is a very enriching experience for the body but above all to clear the mind.

Popular hiking routes in Pollensa

Discover the best hiking routes in Pollensa and choose the one that best suits your needs and circumstances… You won’t regret dedicating a day to a plan like this. It’s perfect!

Route along the Puig de Santuiri

Of easy difficulty and with an approximate time of 40 minutes, the ascent to the puig de Santuïri is ideal for beginners. 

The ascent to the Santuïri puig is a very interesting trail. As well as offering incredible and impressive panoramic views of the village, along the way you’ll find great gifts of nature that you won’t see anywhere else. From holm oaks and garrigues, typical of the Mediterranean, to hedgehogs and rabbits in their natural habitat. There is nothing like enjoying the environment at its best.

Route along the Puig de Maria

The hike to Puig de Maria is one of the most popular hiking routes in Mallorca. Puig de Maria is a small mountain, that surrounds the town of Pollensa. However, despite being a small mountain it means a lot to the culture and tradition of Pollensa

Climbing to the top will take you no more than 40 minutes but be prepared for a steep climb. But you have to believe us, the views from the top are incredible. The effort will be worth it when you reach the top and find yourself in front of the ancient monastery dating back to the 14th century that crowns the hill, next to a museum that reminds you of the history of the village. It is a place of tranquility where you can reflect and disconnect. 

Furthermore, from up there you can enjoy views of the bay of Pollensa and the bay of Alcudia that you will not be able to contemplate from anywhere else.

Route along the Talaia d’Albercutx

If you’re looking for a slightly more exciting challenge, the hike to the top of Talaia d’Albercutx will take you through diverse terrain, from pine forests to rocky terrains. 

As you approach the top, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of the coastline and surrounding mountains. Personally, the views from here are breathtaking and we love them. Especially if you can enjoy them as the sun goes down and marvel at the magic of the sunset.

Route along the Cala Bóquer

Of moderate difficulty, with a total distance of 2.45 km and an approximate time of 40 minutes, the hiking route to Cala Bóquer has become one of our favourite hiking routes in Mallorca. And it’s no wonder… 

To get to Cala Bóquer you have to cross one of the most beautiful and historic spots in Pollensa. It is a very complete route since it has all the landscapes you can imagine until you reach a virgin cove… But if there is one thing that makes it particularly special, it is the remains of one of the most important Talayotic settlements on the island: Bocchoris (1000 BC). 

Its inhabitants were skilled slingers, whose ability to use the sling made them heroes of Carthaginian, Punic and Roman battles, so this route is steeped in history.

Nord Villas Pollensa

After a long day of hiking, there is nothing better than returning to one of our wonderful villas to relax and recharge your batteries for the day ahead. 

Soak in your own private pool, enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace overlooking the sunset, or enjoy an outdoor barbecue. At Nord Villas Pollensa, we understand the importance of exceptional accommodation for each individual.

Our villas are designed to provide you with the utmost comfort and luxury. They are the perfect retreat to relax and recharge your batteries on your holiday in Mallorca. 

Whether you are looking for a quiet getaway or an exciting outdoor adventure, we are here to make your stay in Pollensa unforgettable. Your perfect getaway is waiting for you at Nord Villas Pollensa.

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