Mallorca in January

Mallorca in January. These words combine to offer a unique experience on the
enchanting Balearic island. Although some might associate Mallorca primarily with the
warm glow of summer, this corner of the Mediterranean has much to offer even during
the cooler months. At Nord Villas Pollensa, we believe that any time is an ideal time
to visit Mallorca, and January is no exception. This month, the island dresses up with
a special charm, filling the streets with typical Mallorcan festivities and providing an
unrivalled opportunity to enjoy its beauty in a different way.
Despite the cooler temperatures, January in Mallorca is a fascinating palette of
experiences. The island’s landscapes take on a different hue, with the mountains
shrouded in fresh air and the coastline bathed in winter light. As it is not the peak
tourist season, it gives you a sense of peace, allowing you to explore the charming
villages with a tranquillity rarely experienced at other times of the year.
In January, Mallorca celebrates unique festivities that reflect the island’s rich tradition
and culture. The festival of Sant Antoni, full of colourful parades and animal blessings,
adds a distinctive touch to the month. The foguerons (bonfires) light up the Mallorcan
nights, creating a warm and festive atmosphere that will immerse you in the
authenticity of the local culture.
After a day full of activities and festivities, finding the right place to rest becomes a
crucial part of your experience in Mallorca. At Nord Villas Pollensa, we offer you the
perfect solution: our exclusive holiday homes. Whether you prefer a cosy villa on the
outskirts of a charming village or a modern flat in the heart of the island, our properties
will provide you with a home away from home. After exploring the wonders of Mallorca
in January, returning to your accommodation at Nord Villas Pollensa will be the
finishing touch to a perfect day.
Mallorca in January is an opportunity to discover a different side to this Balearic
island. The combination of festivities, winter landscapes and Mallorcan hospitality
makes this month an exceptional choice for travellers looking for authentic
experiences. At Nord Villas Pollensa, we invite you to explore Mallorca in January
and find your winter retreat in our exclusive holiday homes – don’t wait for spring,
discover the magic of Mallorca in January with Nord Villas Pollensa!


Pollensa, a treasure in the north of Mallorca, unfolds its unique charm in January,
attracting travellers with its rich history, picturesque landscapes and cultural events. At
Nord Villas Pollensa, we invite you to immerse yourself in the essence of this Mallorcan
Pollensa conjures up images of cobbled streets, charming squares and an impressive
church that dominates the main square. From the Roman Bridge to the Calvary, every
corner tells the story of past civilisations and events that have left an indelible mark.
January in Pollensa brings with it a unique celebration: El Pi. This festival, considered
the most important of the winter, fills the streets with the vibrant energy of local

tradition. The streets are filled with music, dancing and a festive atmosphere that
attracts locals and visitors alike, providing a unique experience in the middle of winter.
On January 16th, the eve of Sant Antoni, the streets are illuminated by the glow of
bonfires, each with figures of the saint or references to the rich local tradition.
The climax comes on 17 January, when the morning of Sant Antoni kicks off the
blessings. Then, at midday, an enthusiastic crowd goes to the Ternelles estate to look
for the emblematic pine tree. This tree, of impressive dimensions, is cut down and
stripped of its bark days before, ready to be transported to Pollensa’s Plaza Vieja.
The traditional lunch, provided by Pollensa Town Hall, marks the start of the exciting
day. Bread with tomato and herring feed the participants before they embark on the
mission of carrying the pine tree to the Plaza Vieja. Once soaped, planted and crowned
with a bag full of confetti on its top branch, the local youths compete for the honour of
being the first to reach the top.

Nord Villas Pollensa

After immersing yourself in the cultural richness of Pollensa in January, returning to
your accommodation at Nord Villas Pollensa will feel like coming home. Our exclusive
villas and flats offer the comfort and convenience you need after a day exploring the
charms of Pollensa. Discover the unrivalled charm of Pollensa in January and find at
Nord Villas Pollensa your perfect retreat in this jewel of northern Mallorca – the magic
of Pollensa awaits you!

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