Villas in Majorca with private pool

Majorca is that beautiful place where everyone thinks of going to relax and enjoy the paradisiacal beaches. Many people, when organising their holidays in Majorca, do not know which option to choose to stay. And even though there are a lot of hotels, it is more and more frequent to choose Holiday villas Mallorca, and even more frequent: Holiday villas Mallorca with private pool

In Mallorca you can find many fincas and villas for rent. This is because it is the most different, private and quiet way to get to know the island. Villas for rent in Majorca gives you an endless number of experiences and ensures that the place you go to is perfectly suited to you and your needs. So if you are looking for something as specific as villas in Majorca with private pool, you will certainly find plenty of them on our website. 

That is why we are going to recommend and explain the best features of Holiday villas Mallorca and especially the Luxury villas in Majorca. We will also tell you how to do it if you are interested in Villas to rent in Puerto Pollensa.

Holiday villas Mallorca

It is becoming more and more common to rent Majorca villas with pools. Thanks to the privacy and facilities that you can find in Majorca villas, it is easy to find a finca that suits your needs.

Moreover, it is ideal to go with friends, family or couple, because this way you can be sure that you will have just the right rooms for you and your travel companions. It is also ideal so that during your holidays you only have to enjoy yourself, making sure that no one will bother you.

Therefore, if you are considering choosing one of the Villas to rent in Majorca near beach, take into account all the diversity of features and facilities you can choose from. Thanks to the small size of the island of Majorca, most of our villas are very close to the beach. 

Here are some of the perfect places to rent villas in Majorca with private pool.

Villas Puerto Pollensa

Puerto Pollensa is a coastal town in the north of Mallorca. It is home to some of the best known beaches on the island. That is why it is the destination of choice for many visitors and holidaymakers in Mallorca

Two of the most popular options for rentals are Villas in Puerto Pollensa and the best villas Pollensa.

Puerto Pollensa villas are ideal for large groups. Thanks to their location you will be surrounded by beautiful places. Coves and beaches with crystal clear waters, leisure areas where you can have cocktails and historical monuments worth visiting.

Pollensa villas

Another option to be close to the sea but at the same time surrounded by the Serra de Tramuntana, is Pollensa. Pollensa is a town with a lot of history and many places of interest. The old quarter, the main square or the views from El Calvari, after climbing the 365 steps, are some of the places to visit in Pollensa

For those who want to be close and walk to different places without the need of a vehicle, the best option is to rent a villa in the centre of Pollensa. On the other hand, those who are looking for more relaxation, a swimming pool to rest or more privacy, it is more advisable to rent villas in Pollensa, but in the outskirts, surrounded by greenery. 

Villas in Pollensa is the ideal choice for those who want to discover not only the coast of Mallorca, but also the mountains and the beautiful Serra de Tramuntana. Go on excursions or cycling routes and make the most of the good weather in Mallorca.

Villas in Alcudia

Alcudia is also a beautiful place to rent a villa in Mallorca. A place full of history and reasons to discover all its corners. Moreover, in its surroundings, you will find very unique places that are different from the rest of Mallorca.

As in the villas of Pollensa, in Alcudia you will also be able to enjoy different locations where you can rent your property in Mallorca. In the old town you will be able to enjoy a special environment that lies at the heart of Alcudia’s walls, which create a different and unique atmosphere. 

Among the many reasons to rent a villa in Alcudia, the beautiful beaches and coves stand out. The large sandy beach of Playa de Muro, the rocky cove of Es Coll Baix and the beach of Morer Vermell are some of the ones you cannot miss during your visit.

Luxury villas in Majorca

One of the most common searches for fincas in Majorca are luxury villas in Majorca and villas in Majorca with private pool. Especially for those who are looking for the most exclusive and hidden places on the island. 

In Majorca you can find a variety of luxury villas in Majorca, in the most distinguished places of Majorca. And next to these areas you will always find places to disconnect, enjoy sunsets, tranquillity and relaxation. In addition, luxury villas are also usually villas in Majorca with private pool.

Villas to rent in Majorca

If we have convinced you about villas to rent in Pollensa, we have the perfect company for you. Yes, Nord Villas Pollensa! We are a real estate agency specialised in this sector. With a wide variety of villas and fincas all over the island, we are specialised in villas in the north of Mallorca

We also offer you additional services to make you feel at home. Massages in your villa, private transport around the island, both by transfer and taxi, rent a car service… We put all the facilities at your disposal so that your days on the Balearic island are perfect.

For the more adventurous, we also have a bicycle rental service. Discovering Majorca on two wheels is something you can’t miss. Another of our services is boat hire, so you can discover the coast of Majorca, the beautiful north coast or the Alcudia sandy beaches, from a new and different point of view. It is also the best option for diving and discovering all that the Mediterranean Sea hides. 

If you go with your family, but you also want to make romantic getaways, we have a babysitting service, perfect for you to go out to dinner at that restaurant you fancy so much. And to make your experience perfect, we offer ping pong tables to play and have a great time.

All this, and much more, is what we have prepared for you and your loved ones at Nord Villas Pollensa.

Nord Villas Pollensa

Thanks to our services and being specialised in this type of rentals, we have all the tools to make sure that your holidays in Majorca are perfect and that you find your villas in Majorca with private pool.

In Nord Villas Pollensa we have around 150 villas. All of them for rent, so you can find the perfect one for you. Enter our website and discover them all. 

Also, if you want more information or have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you. 
We are waiting for you at Nord Villas Pollensa!

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