Houses to rent in Pollensa

When planning your holidays, one of the most important things to consider is the accommodation. When travelling with your family, friends or partner, the place you choose to stay must be ideal. For this reason, we present you the best option in houses for rent in Pollensa, Majorca.

You may want to stay several days on holiday somewhere in Pollensa; in Nord Villas we can provide you with comfortable and affordable houses for rent, depending on what you have in mind for your holiday season. So just get ready to enjoy days of sun and beach.

Among the most sought after places in Mallorca for sightseeing, or to relax in season, Pollensa is among the most popular. It has always been highly sought after for its lush landscapes, and its excellent climate all year round.

Houses to rent in Pollensa

If you have decided to spend a few days on holiday, a good rental house in Pollensa can be a practical and comfortable solution. Especially if you want to stay for several days. To help you choose the rental house that best suits your needs and budget, at Nord Villas we have specialised advisors to help you.

Houses or villas, large and spacious or smaller and more intimate. Perhaps with a sea view, or with a nice swimming pool. For all tastes and requirements there will be an option for you, and we will help you to find it.

Our most visited houses and villas are in the north of the island of Mallorca. Therefore, if your destination is Pollensa, we are sure that we will offer you the best houses for rent at the best price, and with all the comforts.

Pollensa in Mallorca

Pollensa is part of the Balearic Islands, specifically it is located in the northern part of Mallorca, just in front of the island of Menorca in the Mediterranean Sea. Because of this location many artists have made Pollensa their place of rest and inspiration.

Pollensa boasts a bountiful nature that attracts many botanical and environmental scholars. Moreover, its climate, typically Mediterranean, is not excessively hot and not too cold in the cold seasons, which makes it an excellent destination for tourism.

Culturally, Pollensa has been highlighted by many artists. It has museums and an active and vibrant artistic life. This makes it an interesting and sought after cultural destination for those who love the arts.

Another point in its favour is the gastronomy. It is, of course, purely Mediterranean, with an abundance of sausages such as sweet sausage, camaiot or butifarró. As well as other types of dishes that it shares with the rest of the Mallorcan locality. Wines and liqueurs also have their place, the most famous of which are the Mallorcan herb liqueurs.

What to see and do in Pollensa?

If you have already located your holiday rental in Pollensa and you are settled in, you will surely want to get to know the town and find out what you can see and do during the day and at night. After all, you’ve come here to have fun and relax. That’s why here at Nord Villas Pollensa we’ll suggest you how to do it.

Plaza Mayor

In Pollensa, as is tradition, in its square you will find the main church, the church of Mare de Déu dels Àngels, which is the local patron saint virgin.

Intense commercial activity takes place around this square. Bars, restaurants, small shops and other establishments are here and there surrounding the square. But on Sundays, this place turns into a gigantic market that occupies many streets and where you can also taste Mallorcan food.

The Calvary

To climb this hill there are 365 steps that represent each of the days of the year. This place is a must for tourists, and is one of the main attractions Pollensa has to offer. As you ascend, the town comes into view. It is a panorama like no other.

Museums and convents

In Pollensa there are many iconic buildings of great architectural value. There are many museums and some buildings that were once convents. Today they have been converted into concert and exhibition halls while maintaining their beautiful architecture, making a great impression on visitors.

Sea and sand

A natural jewel almost 2 kilometres long, considered one of the best Mallorcan beaches, is the beach of Port de Pollensa. This beach is bordered by the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, a true natural paradise, enchanting and majestic. Here you can walk, swim or practice water sports.


Pollensa is a quiet town. However, there is no lack of bars where you can have fun during the night, or even restaurants until late at night. But the preference of many is for early morning walks on the beach or in the mountains, or simply through the cobbled streets of the town.

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