Mallorca holiday rental

One of the best options where to stay on the island is a holiday rental house in Mallorca. This option is ideal if you are looking for privacy, tranquillity and time with your loved ones during your holidays. 

Choosing this option is perfect for having freedom of schedule and all kinds of comforts at all times. It will allow you to get to know Mallorca in a totally different and ideal way to make your holidays unforgettable. 

There is no one season of the year better than another to visit Mallorca. Depending on the season of the year, you will be able to do some activities or others, but always enjoying the good weather in Mallorca and all its different scenery. 

Therefore, if you are thinking of travelling to Majorca, do not hesitate to choose a holiday rental in Majorca to ensure that your holidays are unforgettable, peaceful and full of unforgettable moments.


Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. With a Mediterranean climate and known for its paradisiacal beaches, it is a holiday destination for many people every year. In addition, it has all kinds of places to visit and lots of activities to do. 

One of the things you cannot miss during your stay in Mallorca are the different villages of the island. From coastal villages such as Santanyí, to beautiful villages located in the Serra de Tramuntana such as Fornalutx or Valldemossa

Furthermore, all of them hold markets throughout the year where you can get to know the best-known Mallorcan craft products. In Mallorca’s markets, you can also find Km0 products from local farmers and stockbreeders. 

This is just a part of what you have to visit in Mallorca. You can also enjoy the Serra de Tramuntana, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011. It is classified with this title thanks to its cultural landscape that man has been working on over the years. 

Holidays in Mallorca

If you are looking for an unforgettable holiday, Mallorca is the place for you. It has all kinds of places to relax, but also all kinds of activities to do. This is one of the things that attracts visitors to Mallorca every year. 

In the autumn and spring season, for example, people come to Mallorca to enjoy hiking, cycling and all kinds of excursions. Taking advantage of the good weather and warm temperatures, they are perfect for excursions without being too hot. Moreover, in these seasons it is also possible to bathe in the crystalline waters of Mallorca. 

Summer in Mallorca, on the other hand, is designed for relaxing on the beach and cooling off in the sea. Temperatures rise at this time of year and the heat is intense, which is why relaxing on Mallorca’s paradisiacal beaches is all you want to do. 

But all seasons have one thing in common, and that is all the places you have to visit during your holidays in Majorca. For example, getting to know Palma de Mallorca and its historical monuments, such as the cathedral, is something you can’t miss if you travel to Mallorca, no matter what season of the year it is. 

Rent houses in Mallorca

Renting houses in Mallorca is becoming more and more popular. The reason? All the advantages of having your own space during your holidays in Mallorca. Holiday rentals in Mallorca are something that, for years, has been on the rise and in demand. 

The option of renting houses in Mallorca allows you to have a unique space for yourself, in the exact place you want and with the comforts you are looking for. It is undoubtedly the perfect option if you are travelling with a group of friends, with family or with your partner, and you don’t want anyone to bother you. 

But you have to choose the right house so that everything goes well, so it is necessary to let yourself be advised by people who know the market and who you can trust without any problems. An example of this is Nord Villas Pollensa

Located and specialised in the north of Mallorca, they know all the details that a house has to have to suit each person and each group that turns to them for the holiday rental of villas and fincas in Mallorca

Villas in Pollensa

Nord Villas Pollensa offers villas in Pollensa where you can relax and enjoy the good weather in Mallorca. Pollensa is located in the north of Mallorca and has all kinds of environments and areas. 

In Pollensa you will be able to enjoy the Serra de Tramuntana, but also the coast and its beautiful beaches. A clear example of the union of these two landscapes is the Coll Baix beach. Here you will enjoy an unspoilt beach made of stone but surrounded by cliffs and full of vegetation. 

But Pollensa also has a beautiful old town. One of the places not to be missed are the 365 steps of the Calvary of Pollensa. After climbing them and discovering the history of Pollensa, you will enjoy incredible views of the bay of Pollensa.  

Finally, we would like to recommend the port of Pollensa. This quiet coastal town is the ideal place to spend an unforgettable holiday. It has beautiful beaches and a promenade full of atmosphere, restaurants and cocktail bars. 

Nord Villas Pollensa

As we have mentioned before, Nord Villas Pollensa is the ideal place to rent a villa in Mallorca. We have all kinds of villas and fincas where you can enjoy a unique and unforgettable holiday. 

In addition, Nord Villas Pollensa has extra services that will make your holidays perfect. You will be able to have transfer service, taxis or car hire to ensure you can move around Mallorca without any problems. 

But that’s not all, you can rent boats to get to know the coast of Mallorca better or go on kayak excursions to get to all the nooks and crannies of Mallorca. And to rest and relax to the maximum, you can also choose our home massage service to make everything perfect. 

What do you think of the idea? If you are looking for holiday rentals in Mallorca, contact us!

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