Villas for families in Majorca

If you are planning your holidays in Majorca with your family and you haven’t decided where to stay yet, don’t hesitate to choose Nord Villas. Among our villas you will find the ideal accommodation for families.

Thanks to Mallorca‘s good climate and high temperatures, in your villa you can enjoy family activities such as swimming in the sea or in the pool, hiking, sunbathing… All this and much more surrounded by the best environment!

No wonder that villas for families in Majorca are one of the most sought after options for visitors to Majorca. This is because more and more people are choosing to stay in a villa rather than in a hotel.

If you want to know everything about Majorca, the best things to do on the island of Majorca and the best place to stay, choose Nord Villas and enjoy your holidays in Majorca in the best possible way.


Mallorca is the ideal destination for a family holiday. On the island you can relax and enjoy a unique landscape with your loved ones. This beautiful island is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is the largest island of the Balearic Islands. One of the main attractions of Majorca is undoubtedly its paradisiacal beaches and the popular beaches of Majorca

These leave no one indifferent and no wonder. Whether for its crystal clear water or its white sand, everyone who comes to the beaches of Majorca wants to come back. Another advantage of the island of Majorca is the good weather during most of the year. 

With almost 300 days of sunshine and warm temperatures, you can enjoy the beaches for most of the year. In addition to beaches, you can also choose to make other plans, such as an excursion to the Serra de Tramuntana.

A boat trip, a day at the beach, an excursion through the Serra de la Tramuntana, a visit to the charming villages of Mallorca or a visit to the markets are some of the plans that you cannot miss and that we recommend for your holidays in Mallorca.

If you are interested in all the things you can do on the island of Majorca during your holidays, in this post we are going to talk about everything you can do during your holidays on the island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Plans in Majorca

If you have decided to come on holiday to Majorca and you don’t know where to start planning your trip, we are going to recommend some of the best things to do in Majorca so that you don’t miss anything on your trip.

Visiting the different villages of Majorca is an original and very popular plan among all those who decide to visit Majorca. Whether it is the coastal villages of Majorca or the villages of the Serra de Tramuntana, in all the villages you will find a unique beauty and a lot of fun. 

But if you also want to combine the Serra de Tramuntana with the beach, there are some villages such as Alcudia and Pollensa where you can find a mix between the two. These two villages are located at the foot of the mountains, but at the same time they are only a few metres away from the sea.

A boat trip is a different but very entertaining plan. One of the best ideas is to leave from the Port of Alcudia or Pollensa, this way you will be able to see emblematic places such as the lighthouse of Formentor and virgin coves that are difficult to access on foot, which you and your loved ones will surely enjoy.

As we have already mentioned, one of the most popular plans in Majorca is to discover the most hidden and unknown coves of the island, in this way you will be able to find peace and beauty and beaches full of vegetation. This type of beaches in Majorca are difficult to access, but when you reach them we are sure you will think it was worth it.

Where to stay in Mallorca

One of the most important decisions you have to make when you have chosen to come on holiday to Mallorca is where you are going to stay.

Choosing a good place to rest is vital to make your holidays more comfortable, so we encourage you to choose villas for families in Majorca.

More and more people are choosing to book a villa instead of a hotel. Villas allow you to relax and enjoy your travel companions to the maximum, but that’s not all. If you decide to come to a villa you will have all the facilities exclusively for you and your family, such as the swimming pool, the barbecue…

Villas for families

The best villas in Mallorca are villas for the whole family. Although all villas have their advantages, in a family villa you will be able to enjoy the best facilities with the best company.

Choosing a family villa is synonymous with enjoying and spending time with your family. Family villas in Majorca are the perfect plan if you want to relax and enjoy your family in the best possible environment.

We are sure that if you come to a villa for rent in Mallorca you will enjoy your holidays in a unique way. The villas for rent in Majorca have all the amenities to make your stay perfect. One example is the villas with swimming pool, perfect place where there is fun for the whole family and accompanied by an exquisite weather.

We would also like to recommend the villas close to the beach, although whichever option you choose to rent a villa in Mallorca we are sure that your holidays will be unforgettable.

Nord Villas Pollensa

At Nord Villas we specialise in villa rentals in Mallorca. Holiday villas in Pollensa or villas for rent in Alcudia are just one example of the villas we rent, but there are many more!

At Nord Villas you can find us in many places, but we are mainly focused on the north of Mallorca.

So if you are looking for a villa to come on family holidays in Mallorca and that your accommodation is the best possible, do not hesitate to contact us!

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