Holiday villas Mallorca

Mallorca receives millions of tourists every year, for many it is the first time they have the opportunity to come, but for others, Mallorca has become the holiday destination of each year. More and more people are changing the classic hotel or hostel room accommodation for the rental of Holiday villas Mallorca.

Holiday villas Mallorca are frequented by families or groups of friends looking for privacy, fun and above all comfort. Although, Villas for rent in Majorca is also being an option for the residents of the island themselves. Residents looking to get away from the monotony and enjoy a well-deserved rest with all kinds of luxuries.

Furthermore, Holiday villas Mallorca are really Luxury villas in Majorca. Most of the villas have large dimensions of land, garden, swimming pool, barbecue and a Mallorcan house of many square meters and fully equipped.

As we have already said before, renting a Holiday villa Mallorca has great advantages compared to renting a hotel or hostel room. The main advantage is accompanied by the price per square meter. It is much more profitable to rent a villa. You will pay the same for Majorca villas with pools and hundreds of square meters as for hotel rooms of 40 square meters and a community pool.

You definitely already know that renting Holiday villas Mallorca is the best option to spend your holidays in Mallorca. Now, it is time to discover the best treasures that await you on the island.

Beaches and coves of Mallorca

Possibly the beaches and coves of Mallorca are the best treasures that await you on the island. If Mallorca is known for something, it is for its beautiful beaches and coves with turquoise and crystalline waters, not enviable to those of the Caribbean.

The best beaches and coves in Mallorca are found in the eastern part of the island.

Albercutx Beach

It is a beach that is located along the seafront of Puerto Pollensa. Among the more than 1450 meters of coastline, small beaches of fine sand and crystal clear waters are formed. Although, what makes Albercutx Beach one of the best beaches and coves in Mallorca is the beauty and history that resides in its surroundings. On one side is the beautiful l’Avançada lighthouse and on the other a military base and fortress.

A beach that you should definitely visit and that luckily is in one of the towns with the best villas in Mallorca such as Puerto Pollensa villas or Pollensa villas.

Alcanada Beach

Another of the beaches in the east of Mallorca that you should visit is Playa Alcanada. It has smaller dimensions but, even so, it is a true paradise in the Mediterranean. A stone beach, with transparent waters and accompanied by vegetation, make Alcanada Beach one of the best beaches and coves in Mallorca.

Playa Alcanada is located in another of the best municipalities where you can find authentic luxury villas, such as the Villas in Alcudia.

Cala Sa Calobra

Very close to the aforementioned municipalities is undoubtedly one of the most famous coves on the island, Cala Sa Calobra. It is a small cove with a postcard cover. Sa Calobra is a natural cove formed between two rocky cliffs and with totally crystalline and turquoise blue waters. We recommend that you carry your camera because you will not be able to stop taking photos of that natural wonder.

Not only is Cala Sa Calobra beautiful, but also the way you access it. In short, its entire complex makes it one of the best beaches and coves in Mallorca.

Towns of Mallorca

As we have already mentioned, Mallorca hides really beautiful treasures. The towns of Mallorca are undoubtedly one of them, some are known worldwide for their unique beauty, such as Alcudia, Pollensa or Puerto de Pollensa, among many others.


Alcudia is one of the towns in Mallorca with the most living history, it is known for being a town that manages to transfer you to another era. The town of Alcudia is surrounded by imposing medieval and Renaissance walls, which protected the town from numerous and aggressive pirate attacks. To this day, a large part of these walls still stand, embracing and protecting the old town of Alcudia.

In addition, the beauty of Alcudia is transferred to the facades of its houses and farms. Constructions made of Mallorcan stone and decorated with beautiful colorful flowers that give life to the town.


Another of the towns in Mallorca with more history is Pollensa, the town with the oldest signs on the island. In Pollensa there are “talaiots” with more than 3000 years and other historical monuments such as the Roman bridge over the Torrente de Sant Jordi.

Without a doubt, Pollensa is one of the most charming towns in Mallorca, its streets and surroundings exude culture and beauty. In addition, there are Majorcan villas ideal for enjoying a holiday on the island.

Puerto Pollensa

Puerto Pollensa is one of the most beautiful towns in Mallorca. A quiet town with dreamy beaches and coves next to the best restaurants on the island. Located between the mountains in the north of the island and caressed by the Mediterranean Sea. Puerto Pollensa and its beauty have served as inspiration for many artists, including the great writer Agatha Christie.

How could it be otherwise, the town of Puerto Pollensa also transmits that Mallorcan culture and tradition in each of its corners. The flowers and the carving of the stone predominate, leaving a wonderful contrast with the sea in the background.

Nord Villas Pollensa

In short, Mallorca is the ideal paradise to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in one of its luxurious villas. To rent one of Villas in Puerto Pollensa, Pollensa or Alcudia the best option is to choose Nord Villas Pollensa. Nord Villas Pollensa is a vacation agency with the best villas in Mallorca.

In Nord Villas you will find both Villas Puerto Pollensa as well as in other towns in the eastern part of the island. On their website you will find all the available villas with images and facilities, as well as the best price per night.

Do not hesitate and get to know Mallorca by renting the best villas on the island with Nord Villas. Authentic Mallorcan villas at the best price and with all kinds of luxuries and comforts, ideal for holidays with family or friends.

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