Villas near Pollensa Majorca

In Majorca you will find all kinds of villas, but none like the villas near Pollensa Majorca. These villas will allow you to get to know both sides of Mallorca, both the sea side and the beautiful mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana

Choosing villas and not the usual hotels in Mallorca, will allow you to enjoy Mallorca to the maximum and to have the privacy that these places offer you. The peace and quiet of being able to enjoy your villa without any problems. Moreover, it is also a way of living together with your fellow travellers. 

The villas near Pollensa Mallorca, or in Pollensa, are the perfect option to get to know all the history of this area of the island and the beautiful places of this Mallorcan town

That is why today we want to tell you all about Pollensa, its beaches, its port and the villas in the north of Mallorca. But we also want you to know where to find and rent the best villas in Mallorca and villas near Pollensa Mallorca, so we will recommend you our company in Mallorca specialised in the real estate sector.


Pollensa is a beautiful village in the north of Mallorca bordering Escorca, Campanet and Alcudia. It is an area that combines both mountain and coastal areas, and this is what makes Pollensa so special. Among many other things… 

If you want to visit the most emblematic places in Pollensa, we tell you what they are! The 365 steps of the Calvario de Pollensa are a safe bet if you want to enjoy panoramic views of Pollensa. But you will also love strolling through its streets and reaching its main square. 

Another different plan to do in Pollensa is to go on an excursion through its mountains. Being so close to the Serra de Tramuntana, you can go on excursions from Pollensa to Lluc or other nearby areas. Moreover, there are excursions suitable for all ages and physical conditions.

For all these reasons renting one of the Pollensa villas is the perfect option to relax in nature, but always surrounded by a unique atmosphere. The bars and restaurants of Pollensa will allow you to have fun after a quiet day in your villa near Pollensa Mallorca

Beaches of Pollensa

One of the main attractions of Pollensa are its beautiful beaches. Among the beaches of Pollensa you will find beautiful sandy beaches, but also more hidden and unspoilt rocky coves. Depending on what you fancy, you can choose between the different beaches of Pollensa

One of the most beautiful coves in Pollensa is Cala Bóquer. Its name comes from the number of goats that stroll along this magnificent beach. This also shows how unspoilt this cove in Mallorca is. It is an ideal place to spend the day and enjoy snorkelling and discovering the seabed. 

Albercuix beach is one of those beaches that you will not want to leave. Its golden sands and crystal-clear waters will allow you to relax and lose track of time. They are also equipped with parasols and sun loungers to make your visit as pleasant as possible. 

Finally, we recommend Cala Murta. It is a beautiful cove in Majorca surrounded by cliffs and pine groves. However, to get there you will need to take a short hike. But reaching it and enjoying a dip in the sea will make the walk worthwhile. 

Puerto Pollensa 

The most coastal area of the town of Pollensa is Puerto Pollensa. It is a port full of atmosphere and full of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy all kinds of gastronomy. 

This is one of the reasons for choosing Puerto Pollensa villas as a place to relax in Mallorca. As a result of being a coastal area, there are many visitors who choose this area to rent one of the different villas in Puerto Pollensa

The villas Puerto Pollensa are, above all, comfortable. Their location allows you to walk to most places, but they also have all kinds of facilities, such as the Majorca villas with pools

The villas to rent in Puerto Pollensa will allow you to get to know this area of the island and enjoy the coast of Majorca. This is the reason why there are so many holiday villas Puerto Pollensa.

Villas in Pollensa

Villas in Pollensa are also a fantastic option for renting in Mallorca. In addition, our company has the best villas Pollensa. These are villas with swimming pools, close to footpaths, close to the beach… They certainly have it all!

There are many villas to rent in Pollensa. Some of the best are located on the outskirts, although there are also some fantasies in the centre of town. Both are ideal to relax and unwind to the fullest. 

The villas in Pollensa Mallorca are the perfect option to get to know the north of Mallorca and all that surrounds this locality. If you do not know where to rent a finca, do not doubt that the villas in Pollensa Majorca are a fantastic option.

Villas near Pollensa

There is also the possibility of renting a villa near Pollensa. Either on the outskirts of this village of Mallorca, or in other villages such as villas in Alcudia. Alcudia is a magnificent option if you are interested in the history of Majorca, as it is one of the most historic towns in Majorca

Furthermore, in the outskirts of these villages you can find the luxury villas in Majorca. The surroundings of the villages of Majorca provide the perfect space to find these houses full of facilities. 

Villas with swimming pools, lots of bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms, living rooms… And many other rooms! All this allows your holidays in Mallorca to be as perfect as possible. Comfort is one of the main things you will find in all villas in Mallorca.

Nord Villas Pollensa

At Nord Villas Pollensa we want you to find the perfect finca for you in Mallorca. That is why we are specialised in villas to rent in Majorca. Although most of them are in the north of Mallorca, we have holiday villas Mallorca all over the island. 

For these reasons, if you are looking for something as specific as villas to rent in Majorca near beach or villas in Majorca with private pool we will find the perfect one for you, always taking into account other factors such as the number of people travelling to Mallorca

In addition, we make sure we have some of best villas in Majorca. That is why we have both villas in Majorca near beach and villas in Puerto Pollensa Majorca as well as villas in the Serra de Tramuntana
Whatever villa you need, at Nord Villas Pollensa you will find it!

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