Holiday villas in Puerto Pollensa Majorca

Holiday villas in Puerto Pollensa Mallorca are one of the best options to stay during your holidays in Mallorca. This option will allow you to be close to the sea, but at the same time to the Serra de Tramuntana. Moreover, you will also be able to get to know the north of Mallorca and the beautiful villages that are hidden in this area. 

Pollensa and Alcudia are some of these villages. They are villages in Mallorca known for their beautiful coastline, but also for all the history they hide. That is why today we want to tell you all the things you can do during your holidays in Majorca, we will also tell you all about the villas in Majorca, in Pollensa, in Puerto Pollensa.

Moreover, we want you to rest in the best holiday villas in Puerto Pollensa Majorca. That is why we want you to know Nord Villas Pollensa. This is our holiday home rental agency in Mallorca

We can help you find the best holiday villas in Puerto Pollensa Mallorca, because we are specialised in renting holiday homes in the north of Mallorca. So we have a multitude of houses in Pollensa, Puerto Pollensa and Alcudia, but also in other areas of Mallorca

Holidays in Majorca

Choosing to spend your holidays in Majorca is, without a doubt, a good choice. If you are looking for a holiday in the mountains, you will be lucky enough to get to know the Serra de Tramuntana and all the corners of the Serra de Tramuntana. From beautiful coves, villages and even unique hydrological phenomena. 

But during your holidays in Majorca, you will also enjoy the good weather of Majorca and all the beaches that exist on the island. From beautiful sandy beaches to small hidden rocky coves. The latter tend to have a more unspoilt character, while the sandy beaches usually have all kinds of services. 

Something very important to bear in mind during your holidays in Majorca is the weather on the island. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, in Mallorca you will enjoy mostly sunshine and warm temperatures. The coldest months tend to be January and February, while the hottest months are July and August. Depending on the type of holiday in Mallorca you are looking for, you can choose between one or the other. 

There are many hotels in Majorca where to stay, but nowadays the Luxury villas in Majorca are one of the best options for your holidays. Later in the post we will tell you about some of them. For now, let’s keep on talking about Majorca and its villas.

Villas in Majorca

When choosing the Villas to rent in Majorca there are certain things you have to take into account to make your holiday simply unforgettable. Some of the most popular things to look for in Holiday villas Mallorca are the Villas to rent in Majorca near beach and the Villas in Majorca with private pool

Best villas in Majorca are those villas that have all these things. Being close to the sea and having a private pool are some of the things that will make your holiday perfect. They will allow you to have at hand some of the things that characterize Mallorca and that you will be able to enjoy thanks to the good weather in Mallorca

Another of the things we recommend is that the villa you choose is one of the Properties in the north of Majorca. As we have mentioned before, this will allow you to choose between totally different plans between them: sea and mountain. You can go hiking in the Serra de Tramuntana, and in the afternoon you can relax on the beautiful beaches of Mallorca

Villas in Pollensa

Choosing the Villas in Pollensa Majorca is a way to get to know the north of Mallorca and all the corners, beaches and villages of this beautiful area of Mallorca.

The best villas Pollensa have things in common. They are Villas in Pollensa Majorca with private pool and Villas in Majorca near beach. These two things are undoubtedly the most demanded among the Villas to rent in Pollensa. Also sought after are Villas near Pollensa Majorca

The reason? This is because those who come to Mallorca, come to rest and disconnect, so they look for places far away, where nobody bothers them. For this reason, among the Villas in Pollensa Mallorca with Nord Villas Pollensa we have all kinds of villas, but especially with Mallorca Pollensa villas surrounded by vegetation and nature.

So, whatever you are looking for Villa in Pollenca in Nord Villas Pollensa you will find it and you will be able to enjoy your holidays in Mallorca like never before.

Villas Puerto Pollença

Finally, we recommend the Puerto Pollensa villas. This is the perfect choice if you are looking for villas close to the beach and the coast of Mallorca. This is because the Villas in Puerto Pollensa tend to be on the sea front. 

Moreover, among the Majorca villas with pools in Pollensa you will find this type of houses. So that after a day at the beach you can take a dip in the pool of your Holiday villas Puerto Pollensa. But it is also perfect for those days when you don’t want to leave your Villas in Puerto Pollensa Majorca. 

Among all the Villas to rent in Puerto Pollensa we are sure you will find the perfect one for your holidays in Majorca. But in Nord Villas Pollensa you can also choose between Pollensa villas and Villas in Alcudia.

Nord Villas Pollensa

At Nord Villas Pollensa you will find all types of villas for rent in Majorca. Especially Villas in north Majorca with private pool. But at Nord Villas Pollensa we do not only offer houses, we also offer experiences. 

That’s why we have all kinds of extra services for you to enjoy and make the most of your holidays. You can go on boat trips, relax with our massage service or go on kayak excursions around Mallorca

In addition, to make your transport around the island easy, we also offer you the option of transfers, car hire, taxis and even bicycles. Whatever you need, at Nord Villas Pollensa we work to offer you. 

Don’t think twice and rent your holiday villas in Puerto Pollensa Mallorca with Nord Villas Pollensa!

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